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Anna Chambers-Goldberg started ACG in 2013. This clothing line is an extension of her lifelong passion for sewing, with her fine art training contributing greatly to her process and inspiration. Coming from a background in printmaking and painting, Anna merges her fine art training with her passion for sewing -- developing an original brand of handmade artisan clothing. Some materials are hand-dyed, hand-woven, or hand-printed. These pieces show off the beautiful variations inherent in hand-made processes.

Call It Spring

Caroline Hayden

Caroline Hayden is known for her modern, feminine silhouettes, attention to detail, and focus on fabric. As a native of MN, she has shown mini col- lections and custom pieces at many local events and photo shoots, begin- ning here at Envision in 2011. Caroline Hayden garments have been fea- tured in online and print publications including MN Bride, Dainty Obses- sions, City Pages, Lavender Magazine, MSP Magazine, Chaos Magazine, Factice Magazine, l'etoile Magazine, and Papercut Magazine.

Jenny Carle

Jenny Carle is from St. Paul and has been creating and designing since 2008. Femininity and classic silhouettes with a vintage touch make up the overall feel of the line.


Cliché clothing boutique, located at the intersection of 24th St. and Lyndale Ave. S. . It is the place to go for quintessential Minneapolis fashion. The store carries an exceptional mix of nationally sold brands, exclusive foreign labels and is home to over 30 local clothing, jewelry, and accessory designers. Shoppers can expect to find a mix of jeans and tee basics, eclectic statement pieces, special occasion dresses and one of a kind items. When stocking the store, owners Joshua and Delayna Sundberg pay close attention to current trends while managing to always stay true to their Minneapolis roots.


ColdVenus is a brand by designer Isaac West, He was born in Liberia and grew up in Ghana and America. His ColdVenus brand is all about simplicity, decent, unique, sexy and classy. He specialize in both menswear and womenswear. His goal as a designer is to make people embrace simplicity, uniqueness and classiness.

Cory Allen

After completing his individualized major in Fashion Design at the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay in 2006 Cory Allen has been working on his eponymous collection. He received his MFA in Design Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. His thesis collection Horse Power was shown last fall in Envision and received critical praise from the Minnesota fashion set.

For his follow-up to Horse Power, Cory Allen turns his gaze west drawing inspiration for Spring 2016 from the vast sun-drenched landscapes of the American desert. Holding true to the DNA of the brand his muse for this collection is the Palomino, its tan and cream coloration serving as the jumping off point for the complex neutral palette.

Using denim, suede, linen, raw silk and spandex as the key fabrications Palomino Desert plays with ideas of desert culture, with nods to the Wild West.

Emah The Label

Emah The Label was started by Minnesota native, Ellie Hottinger. What began as a personal expression of creativity, evolved into a brand that stays true to its core mission: to create pieces that come from a place of heart and integrity. Emah The Label items are hand crafted in Minneapolis, with a limited number of each produced. Cultivating the ultimate blend of classic and novelty, Emah provides artful yet wearable pieces that amplify the personality of a wardrobe. The special attention to textiles and touches of novelty detail make these easy, chic, and youthful pieces the memorable elements of any outfit.

Form over Function

Form over Function is a revolutionary design force, creating unisex ready-to-wear collections and artistic studio collaborations. These creative projects include custom designed performance wear for musicians, fashion + music films, and the exploration of wearable technology. Each FOF collection is completely androgynous paired with convertibility and a unique sizing system, allowing consumers to choose a style regardless of their gender. Form over Function will be showing their newest collection, VEHEMENT, at Envision Minneapolis. This collection explores volcanic elements and the concept of breaking though self-imposed limitations to complete liberation.

George Moskal

George Moskal studied apparel design at UW Stout and hosted several off-campus fashion shows. He went on to study at American Intercontinental University in London and interned alongside Zandra Rhodes. After college, George Moskal received the first annual Big Break Award for Fashion from Dazed & Confused magazine. Following the competition, George Moskal designed a print-focused capsule collection for Topshop Boutique. A George Moskal design evokes a timeless elegance, with luxury fabrics, couture techniques and an experimentation of the modern silhouette. George Moskal works out of his downtown studio in the relative quiet of St Paul, Minnesota.

Hiccup by handley

Handley Elizabeth moved to the Twin Cities from NYC in 2012. Her line "Hiccup" is fanciful and flirty, melding bright color & kitschy embellishments with classic silhouettes. Her designs are for spotlight seekers who love to showcase their personal style.

Idle Child

Idle Child is a sister design team based out of Minneapolis, MN created entirely by Becky and Ellie. From concept to pattern, construction, photography, styling, web design, illustration and branding it is truly %100 Idle Child. It is Idle Child’s goal to connect with and empower women in all avenues of life.

Joeleen Torvick

Inspired by the everyday shapes, Joeleen Torvick creates unique silhouettes that portray stylish elegance with a little edge. The resulting pieces are both modern and refined and allow women to showcase their confidence and individual style. The fall collection started with a chevron sweater knit, and from there it evolved into replicating and playing with angles to create the shapes and silhouettes.True to the Joeleen Torvick style, many pieces can be worn from day to night. Follow what Joeleen Torvick is up to on Instagram @joeleen.torvick.

Collection available at and Showroom 615 W. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55408

Emily Trevor

Emily Trevor first emerged in the Twin Cities fashion scene in the fall of 2013 just prior to graduating from St. Catherine University. Pulling from her past theater experience, Emily is no stranger to delivering the drama on the runway. She has been dazzling and delighting crowds of fashion show attendees annually, with each show more opulent and awe-inspiring. Inspired by a recent trip to Asia, this year’s collection for Envision is sure to transport onlookers to a place of excess taken to the brink; straddling the line between hilarity, insanity, and just plain cool.

Holly Forrey

Northern Minnesota native, Holly Forrey began studying Apparel Manufacturing at MCTC and has since made a career for herself developing luxury leather accessories for local J.W. Hulme Co. Although she loves design of all varieties she has found her niche in accessories. Her S|S 17 collection is in collaboration with Sarah Furnae’s fashion line, enhancing the vivid colors while using a variety of textures.

Kindred Folk

Honors sustainability and encourages freedom in personal style. Specializes in unique textile design for truly one-of-a-kind clothing.

Women’s elevated boho chic essentials for the body and adornment.

Unique art and accessories for the home. For those star folks in the sky.

We produce our work in Minneapolis at our studio in the NE Arts District and are available for customs and commissioned pieces.

Stay inspired. Find your community. Become Kindred Folk.


Kjurek is co-owned and co-designed by Kimberly Jurek (founder, 2005) and local artist/designer Jennifer Chilstrom (2011). They are also the founders and owners of Showroom, a co-working retail space for the design community in the Uptown Lyn-Lake neighborhood.

Together they design looks for the independent, strong, creative woman. Kimberly and Jennifer produce their clothing in Minneapolis with great attention to quality and originality. If they are not working in their production loft at Showroom they are working with a group of talented, local Minneapolis sewers. Each piece is “locally and greenly” produced and Kjurek is dedicated to the support and promotion of fair trade labor. Kjurek can be found in boutiques throughout the US as well as Canada. //

Kyra Deva

By age 4 Kyra knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how she wanted to wear it, no matter what anyone thought. This lead to some bold print combinations and eventually her study of fashion design. After earning a B.S. from UW-Madison and AAS from The Fashion Institute of Technology she returned to MN to co-design a line for South Minneapolis boutique Larue's. In her other design work she explores a range of categories from handbags to bridal couture.

Russell Bourrienne

Russell Bourrienne has been designing and developing his skills from the early age of thirteen. In 2006 he opened his bespoke studio in the Historic Lyn-Lake area focusing on men’s wear. Russell pulls elements from women’s wear and applies them to men’s wear and vice versa. What results is a certain androgyny. His key elements are his use of hardware, iconic imagery, and an undercurrent of 70’s tailoring. His perspective, paired with an expertise in tailoring and dressmaking culminates in a line that is both edgy and classic at the same time.

Russell's Fall collection is inspired by the designers and era that drew him to the design world. This Fall collection is an homage to early 80's looks by Versace, Armani, and other Italian designers of that period.

Raul Osorio

Raul Osorio is a fashion Designer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work explores the juxtaposition of hard lines, soft textures, masculine silhouettes and feminine lightness; his cloth-ing is free of an explicit gender. Osorio possesses an attention to tailoring and detail that is un-mistakable.

For the past seven years Raul Osorio has worked as a fashion designer and stylist. He has cre-ated commissioned apparel collections for clients ranging from Arena Dance Company to Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Locally, Raul was voted Top 100 People for Designs by Metro Magazine and has participated in MNfashion Voltage Fashion Amplified in 2010 and 2011. Most re-cently Raul presented his Fall/Winter 2016 collection in Honduras. Raul is also a former contestant on Project Runway Season 10.

Reinier Vigoa

Reinier Vigoa’s newest collection draws influence from the styles of today, the rise of fashion bloggers, and how street style has quickly become a phenomenon. Wearability takes a central role as one of the main ingredients of the Reinier Vigoa brand, and this season’s collection will reflect what the most stylish jet setter would pack on holiday in a beautiful and warm destination like Capri or Santorini, reimagining summer classics as the Reinier Vigoa woman would wear them.

Sarah Furnae

Sarah Furnae has a BA in design and development from the University of WI Stout. She was given the opportunity to intern with one of her idols, Iris Van Hurpen, a couturiere, in the Netherlands. She is a designer and product developer for men's and women's at J.W. Hulme Co. where she has worked for three years.

Spencer Versteeg

Spencer Versteeg has been known to say “Life is a fashion show”. Although he was seven at the time, this message still resonates with his passion for helping others put their best foot forward through fashion.

Pursuing his degree at the University of Minnesota, Spencer has had the opportunity to present his work on the runway, in academic symposiums, and participate in innovative research. All the while he continues to discover more about himself and his unique perspective on design, it’s impact on people, the communities they live in, and the world that surrounds them.

His work thus far has been a dialogue about graphic shapes and bold color combinations. This dialogue continues in his fall collection where he explores traditional “menswear” fabrics translated into feminine silhouettes. Spencer is commited to empowering women through fashion to be bold, take risks, exude confidence and navigate everyday life like it truly is their own “fashion show”.

Tessa Louise

Tessa Louise has naturally developed in to a brand that focuses on knitwear that is wearable and unique. Every season, Tessa considers how to make women feel confident and comfortable, while still experimenting with new shapes and fabrics. This Fall, expect to see a powerful collection that blends classic tastes with surprising fabrics. Follow her on Instagram for sneak peeks along the way @tessalouise_designstudio .

Tasha Rae Jewelry

Jewelry designer, blacksmith and fabricator, Tasha Rae is all about the creative journey—exploration, experimentation and discovery. Tasha is inspired by old world traditions mixed with contemporary themes and a persistent desire to create timeless accessories that convey confidence, uniqueness and style. Tasha Rae Jewelry is a one-woman business and each piece is handmade by Tasha in her studio.

Yevette Willaert

Yevette Willaert is an independent designer of socially responsible fashion, supporting fair-trade practices which improve the lives of textile artisans worldwide. Fashion is her means to a better end. This fall's collection is inspired by the gumption of Old Hollywood starlets and the brazen feminist agenda of the seventies. Here's to the gutsy, brassy, and bold ladies who embraced menswear-inspired style as their own.

Xee Vang

Xee Vang completed her B.A. in Apparel Design at St. Catherine University in 2015. She is currently designing womenswear that expresses tailored and detail-oriented silhouettes. Her work is influenced by the cultural aesthetics of contemporary and traditional art. She also likes to integrate different forms of texture, patterns, and colors into her work.

Her upcoming collection will consist of a warm palette that embraces the fall season. Various form of embellishments will illuminate the collection with its intricate texture and design.

Goorin Bros

On the cobble stone streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1895, our founder, Cassel Goorin, sold his first hats out of a horse-drawn cart. Goorin Brothers is a family-owned, established, authentic hat brand with history and integrity. We offer timeless, classic styles with a unique flair and personality. Inspired by our past, we stay true to our craft and art-form.

Goldfine Jewelry

Goldfine Jewelry stretches the boundaries of innovative design in order to create versatility in fashion-forward, yet timeless adornments.

The Goldfine Jewelry handcrafted collections are built on a mission to create the highest quality pieces, designed with passion and incredible attention to detail.

Designer Sara Goldfine was educated in both textile and jewelry design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas. Following her studies, Sara traveled to Paris and Milan, finding inspiration in the avant-garde fashion cultures.

She began creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and selling to boutiques in Miami (where she resided post graduation) as well as her hometown, Minneapolis. Within a year, Sara moved cross country to Los Angeles where she launched SBG Designs, now Goldfine Jewelry. The collection instantly attracted celebrities, national publications, and boutiques through the nation.

Larissa Loden

Larissa Loden designs for women that aren’t afraid to express themselves. They are strong and fearless, interested in history and love to dress up. She is inspired by stories behind the pieces and those wearing them, and feeds off seeing her jewelry complete a look.

Vintage meets modern in Larissa’s eco-friendly collection. Most components used are deadstock, which means they were made to be sold long ago but missed their chance. Traveling across the US and Europe,Larissa explores the depths of flea markets and deadstock warehouses to find cameos, switchblades and lockets. She gives these vintage treasures a new opportunity to shine by transforming them into modern, edgy jewelry.  

Whether on the hunt for unique objects or hammering them into hot bracelets, it’s all about the process. Once Larissa and her loot have safely returned to the Twin Cities, she doesn’t go far to start creating new designs. Larissa’s studio and home are one in the same, no factory involved. Using methods including drilling and soldering, stamping and hammering, her collection is fervently handmade.

Mona Williams


Rewind is a shop with 2 locations in Uptown and NE Minneapolis. It carries a wide selection of affordable vintage and contemporary clothing, accessories and jewelry. It is known for its modern, contemporary feel with a focus on 80's and 90's looks. Hand selected merchandise is added daily.

SEE Eyewear

SEE is a gouge free environment for people who appreciate trendy luxury eyewear without the ridiculously absurd price tag.

By sourcing SEE’s exclusive collection directly from the world’s foremost frame makers, SEE is able to bring true value to the customer, thus SEE’s slogan...

“hip without the rip!”

Stephanie Lake Design

The fifth scholar in the world to earn a Ph.D. in Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture, Stephanie Lake's jewelry is informed by her work as a curator, archivist and auction specialist. Each one-of-a-kind design is painstakingly crafted from centuries of rare and antique source materials. Lake’s jewelry is exclusively sold by appointment and online at